Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safe & Secure Bookings

Each vacation rental, owner, and/or property manager is screened to ensure that we are providing quality listings. We will never advocate for a property that we would not rent ourselves.

Real Locals, Real Knowledge

Premier Vacation Properties thrives on matching guests with their perfect vacation. In order to provide guests with a memorable experience, we assembled local experts who are not only knowledgeable about the rental industry but are also passionate about the Gulf Coast.

Our Destinations

Not everyone can be an expert on everything. That’s precisely why we stick to what we know-. Our team specializes in property rentals on the Gulf Coast. Currently, our vacation destinations include: Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, and Perdido Key.

No middle-man

Unlike our competitors, Premier Vacation Properties strives to connect guests directly to owners. No tactics. No hidden fees. Our goal is to put guests in control of their vacation & owners in control of their business.

How does it work?

We’ve worked hard so you don’t have to. Finding your perfect vacation rental has never been easier- simply choose a destination, select a property, and submit a request. Your request will be answered directly by the owner/ property manager for that particular property.

What is needed to submit a request to book?

Great question. Straightforward answer. You need nothing to submit a request to book. Owners/property managers will communicate with you directly. Should you decide to move forward with the reservation, they will provide you with further details regarding their rental agreements, needed deposits, and payment processes.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Accepted payment methods vary per property. Each owner or property manager will have details on their listing regarding how they accept payments.

Where & How Do I Check-In / Check Out

Each property’s owner or property manager sets their own check-in and check- out policies, location, and instructions. You should receive all necessary instructions and details for your stay once payment has been received by the owner or property manager.

How do I add my property?

Simply fill out the requested information to get started. To ensure we are promoting quality properties, one of our team members will then review the submitted data. It’s that easy! If you need assistance, we are happy to help!

How much does Premier Vacation Properties make from my rental?

We are not here to nickel & dime our owners and guests like most of our competitors. Owners / Property managers pay an annual subscription fee so that you are free to run your business how you feel is best for you and your guests.

What packages are offered with my subscription?

At this time, we offer one package, but do have add-on options for you to customize your business. Need a separate website to help advocate your brand? We can do that! Have a specific revenue goal you are wanting to meet? We can do that too! Our team offers a unique step by step strategy to help you maximize your review. Please let one of our team members know if you need further information.

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